Friday, August 7, 2009


Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.

Man is never alone. Acknowledged or unacknowledged, that which dreams through him is always there to support him from within.

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.

Each of us is something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against ourselves.

The outward man is the swinging door; the inner man is the still hinge.

The words "I am" are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.

You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it.

The greatest hazard of all, losing one's self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all. No other loss can occur so quietly; any other loss - an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc. - is sure to be noticed. ~The Sickness Unto Death

We are sure to be losers when we quarrel with ourselves; it is civil war.

You are your own judge. The verdict is up to you.

It is often hard to bear the tears that we ourselves have caused.

When I look for my existence I do not look for it in myself.

I am my own heaven and hell!

We must be our own before we can be another's.

Only you can set you free.

It's like, at the end, there's this surprise quiz: am I proud of me? I gave my life to become the person I am right now! Was it worth what I paid?